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Browse our FAQs to learn more about the Mobile Fab Lab.

What services does the Mobile Fab Lab provide?
During our visit the students will have the opportunity to work at a number of discovery stations. Each station was specifically designed to challenge students to problem solve and work through the Engineering Design Process. We typically run three stations in which students will rotate through during our visit. There is also two independent discovery centers for students who finished working at a station.  Your school will have the opportunity to choose stations you see fit your students needs. Student will have the opportunity to step inside the lab to see numerous fabrications machines in action.

How can we set a visit up at our school?
The best way to set up a visit is to contact us at We will get back to you as soon a possible.

What pre-visit information do we need to provide?
It is important for us to understand your school and your class needs. We created a form to help us capture this information. Please click here to complete the form.  

How can I prepare my class prior to a visit?
We feel it is important the students have the opportunity to be exposed to the Engineering Design Process. We will provide you with a presentation on the Engineering Design Process and Structures. This brief overview will then be applied and reinforced at Fab Lab learning stations.

What is the Engineering Design Process?
The Engineering Design Process is a series of steps engineers use as a guide to solve problems. The steps include: ask, imagine, plan, create and improve. For more information please visit our Engineering Design Process page.

What facility preparations do we need to make for the visit?
The Mobile Fab Lab is self sufficient. We have a generator that will power all the equipment. However, ideally we would love plug it in to eliminate the noise. So when considering a place to park the lab at your school, please check to see if there is outlets we can plug into. Some other items we would need include: a large garbage can, a bucket for water (we can use outdoor faucet if there is one available), a cart or flatbed, and a large metal baking sheet from the cafeteria.

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